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About Us

Hi there! Andy & Serena here! We're a husband-wife duo that love each other so much, we decided to build not only a family together, but also a business! We've been working in the on-line marketing space for 9 years and have worked on many, MANY launches whether we are consulting and coaching a client through a launch or actually doing the "work" for them! Our passion and what drives everything we do: FREEDOM! Not only do we want freedom for our own family, we want it for yours too. Whether it's financial freedom or freedom to be where you want, doing what you want, when you want... we are all about it! Thanks for visiting our little corner of the internet! 

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1:1 Launch Coaching

I love seeing Thought Leaders turn their experience and knowledge into online programs that teach and transform lives.

Over the years I’ve worked with lots of Thought Leaders who are stuck and their growth either a) never took off or b) has flatlined. I see it all the time that they can get to about the 6-figure mark on their own effort but can’t seem to push past. And that’s tough. But, it always becomes a cakewalk once we are able to look under the hood of their business and find the HIDDEN GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES that they have overlooked.

Let me explain :-)

Every business I’ve ever been asked to look at has a handful of overlooked opportunities for growth.

Example #1: For Tara Walsh (The Lashpreneur) it was taking some products she had that she wasn’t marketing and turning them into an evergreen revenue machine to generate cash flow between launches. I helped her to strategically create an evergreen upsell funnel of products she already had resulting in a funnel that netted $400 for every $100 spent in ads! For every dollar that went into the ads, $5 would return.

Example #2: Jason Mefford wanted to create something that has never been done in his industry. And instead of procrastinating on launching after everything was perfect, we were able to launch a Beta program resulting in $15,000 in sales his first try. This also set him up with a Reusable Launch System that he has been able to relaunch over and over.

Example #3: Theresa Cantley was having difficulty attracting the right clients to her program. I was able to help her niche down and get really clear on who she served and how. As a result she started getting noticed and viewed as the authority in her niche. This ended up giving her the clarity she needed for her messaging which in turn DOUBLED her income from the previous year and she’s on track to double it again already this year!

Your hidden growth opportunities may be similar to the examples above… or they may be COMPLETELY different. But most business owners NEVER identify and take advantage of these opportunities.

As a result, they end up leaving $1000s in profit on the table.

Why aren’t these opportunities discovered?

Because most Thought Leaders at this level are busy working IN their business and rarely take the time to step back and look at their business from 30,000 feet. It typically takes a fresh set of eyes to point them out.

Good news = that is exactly what I do in our 1:1 coaching program.
1. We first dive deep into who you serve and how you serve them.
2. Next, we put together a 100% customized marketing plan for your business.
3. Then, I coach you and hold you accountable over the next 3-12 months and help you see that plan come to life. So that you can scale and hit your goals to have a bigger impact on this world as you are meant to do.

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  1. You, me, and the team will dive deep into your business and identify your best opportunities for growth, put together a custom marketing plan, and help uncover the hidden profits in your business!

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