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Before we engage with a new client on a project, we do a RoadMapping session. In essence, RoadMapping is where every member of the team that needs to be on the call work together to take a really deep dive into your business, the problem you’re trying to solve, and all the possible solutions we might apply to the problem, then choose the best and create a roadmap that you can use either with us as your team, or another contractor(s). It’s a low-cost, low-risk engagement that aims to make sure we do things right the first time.

We do RoadMapping with clients because we have consistently found that it:

  • Produces a better finished product, often on a smaller budget.
  • Produces an accurate estimate of the project timeline and cost, preventing irritating and costly overages and delays.
  • De-risks your investment in a project and makes sure the money you’re spending actually generates a return. RoadMapping helps us deliver more bang for your buck.
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Hi there! Andy & Serena here! We're a husband-wife duo that love each other so much, we decided to build not only a family together, but also a business! We've been working in the online marketing space for 10 years and have worked on many, MANY launches whether we are consulting and coaching a client through a launch or actually doing the "work" for them! Our passion and what drives everything we do: FREEDOM! Not only do we want freedom for our own family, we want it for yours too. Whether it's financial freedom or freedom to be where you want, doing what you want, when you want... we are all about it! Thanks for visiting our little corner of the internet! 

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