From setting up your online course to designing and building your sales funnel, we offer customisation with Kajabi.

Our team are passionate about helping Digital CEOs build a thriving online business without hitting tech-overwhelm by leveraging the power of done-for-you services.

I need help with my Kajabi site
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Theresa Cantley

Local Business Coach

The best solution to design and build profitable Kajabi websites.

As a digital marketing agency, we dissected quite a few online-course platforms over the years, including various wordpress solutions. No one was as stable and expandable as Kajabi - an all-in-one to hoast and sell your online course, which we can use as an experienced specialist!

Of course you are already behind this, otherwise you would not have searched on Google for something with 'Kajabi' and you would not have reached us. And now you have a question, request, or both. Maybe a small question, maybe a big one. Our team doesn't care! Check below what we can do for you.

Why Kajabi?

For us, Kajabi is the basis for every webshop production when it comes to online courses.

Kajabi has it all: user-friendly for new users and particularly accessible for us developers. And also rich in extensions (standard extensions), which means that we often need less time to help you further.

From support with a sales page that you need designing, to a complete webinar and launch funnel.

Whether you need our solution-oriented help desk men, or want to be able to submit a complete launch project to us, our team is ready for you. You will find the most typical requests below, with some sample projects at the bottom of the page.

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The "help me configure" job

We receive this regularly. This is where we help you migrate your existing email lists, tagging structure, switch over your domain and set up your Kajabi platform for you so you can start using the platform almost instantly.

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The "Build my online course" job

Some customers need their online course moved into Kajabi. You might want us to upload everything into Kajabi for you and start designing your portal from scratch OR you might want us to help you migrate an old course into Kajabi. Great, we can do something with that!

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The "design my sales page" job

We like to make ordinary sales pages just that little bit special. Our team designers will take the copy you have and build a responsive sales page on Kajabi for you. Check out some of the examples below to get a feel for our work.

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The "help me launch my online course" job

Our favourite and most sophisticated projects are those that combine all of our in-house skills to help you build your launches. Whether it's a webinar, challenge or video series our in-house team will help you manage all of the technology for the launch.

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