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Hi there! I'm Andy Ryan and I am a Launch Coach for Thought Leaders with Online Programs. I help you to get your online offering in front of the people who are looking for it! I've put together the most valuable videos to help you with marketing your online programs. The videos are in order of how far along you are on your Online Launching Journey. It starts with value for beginners and ends with great information for pros! Check them out below.

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Why You Should Make Your Beta Testers Pay for Your Beta Program

Thinking about a new online course, membership or coaching program? Great! But don't make the mistake of giving it away for free. Find out why in this video.

Creating a New Stream of Revenue

On average, millionaires have at least 7 streams of revenue. How many different streams of revenue do you have? How can you leverage technology and the internet to create another stream of revenue for yourself?

Why Should My Offer be a Membership Site

Membership sites are an amazing way to deliver content in your online program. Is a Membership site right for you and your people? Find out as we explore the pros and cons to running a membership site.

The Common Belief About Launching that is False that No One Talks About

We've all thought this at one point or another in our online program marketing journey. We've seen the results of others and think that we can duplicate those results. Follow me through this logic as I explain what common belief is false. 

The #1 Reason for HUGE Online Success

You could have the most amazing life-changing program with the best offer but if you're missing this key component, you won't see huge success. 

The 2 Main Things to Focus On In Your Launch

If you want your launch for your online program to be successful, just keep your focus on these two things. 

3 Simple Steps for Your Launch Calendar

Plan for a 3 month window to launch your online program. Each month you will focus on one step. Stop trying to do things last minute and stress out all over yourself.

How We're Making $4 for Every Dollar Using FB & IG Ads

We're creating upsell funnels for ourselves and our clients that are producing a 4x Return! If you had a machine that gave you $4 back every time you put a dollar bill inside, wouldn't you keep putting money in?

How We're Getting Leads from FB Ads for Less Than $1

When you create ads online that are immediately trying to get leads from people who have no idea who you are, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Sure, you'll get leads with a great ad, but you're spending more than you need to. Check out this marketing strategy we're using to generate low cost leads.

The Content Incubation Method

Use your content to warm up your audience so they are eager for your online program offer when you make it available.

Don't Get Sucked Into What's the Latest Fad in Online Marketing

Webinars, FB Lives, Video Series, Week-long challenges, LinkedIn, TikTok? Is the latest marketing fad going to work for you and your audience?


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The Beta Test Success Checklist

31 Questions to answer to ensure your Beta Program's success!

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Let's Launch Checklist for Your Signature Reusable Launch System

We know that launching can be overwhelming. So we created this checklist with a section for keeping track of all the moving parts of your launch.

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The Dream Client Avatar: How to Find Your Perfect Clients and Attract Them to Your Program

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Hosted by Andy Ryan, Co-creator of Let's Launch: Group Launching Program

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