Before we engage with a new client on a project, we do a RoadMapping session. In essence, RoadMapping is where every member of the team that needs to be on the call work together to take a really deep dive into your business, the problem you’re trying to solve, and all the possible solutions we might apply to the problem, then choose the best and create a roadmap that you can use either with us as your team, or another contractor(s). It’s a low-cost, low-risk engagement that aims to make sure we do things right the first time.

We do RoadMapping with clients because we have consistently found that it:

  • Produces a better finished product, often on a smaller budget.
  • Produces an accurate estimate of the project timeline and cost, preventing irritating and costly overages and delays.
  • De-risks your investment in a project and makes sure the money you’re spending actually generates a return. RoadMapping helps us deliver more bang for your buck.
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It's like a Road Trip:

If you’re driving from LA to New York, you can’t just “drive East” to get there. You need to plan your route, where you’ll stop to sleep, and your literal roadmap. The same applies to any project: if you dive headfirst without any prep work, it’s very easy to burn a lot of money and produce very little returns. 

RoadMapping prevents this.


We get really clear on:

  1. What "problem" we're solving
  2. Who is the Ideal Client Avatar and what they look like in detail
  3. Who are the Attractive Characters
  4. What's your Unique Selling Proposition
  5. What is the Minimum Viable Product that is going to get you the best Return On Investment

Aligning Incentives:

RoadMapping makes sense because it aligns incentives between your team and our team. If the discovery process is lumped together with the full project, we're less likely to do a good job – instead, we’ll rush through it because it’s unpaid labor. RoadMapping as a separate engagement lets us do a proper discovery, taking the time to do it right, which ultimately results in a better solution.

Additionally, RoadMapping as a separate engagement prevents scope creep. Because the only goal with RoadMapping is finding the best solution, we will be incentivised to avoid planning for anything that isn’t necessary to the success of the project. This produces a better solution on a tighter budget.

Finally, RoadMapping ensures we’re not just saying “yes” to everything and are actually testing assumptions. It prevents us, and you from spending a lot of time and money creating a solution that wasn’t actually the right concept in the first place.

For instance, we could say, "Let's do Facebook Ads" We spend all the time creating and setting up ads and running them for months but we're not getting the results that you wanted. 

RoadMapping is a way for us to find and execute on the best solution, not just what we are good at as a team.

Accurate Estimates

One of the important parts of RoadMapping is that it provides an accurate estimate for the budget, scope, and timeline of the project – something that’s impossible to provide without a dedicated RoadMapping session.

Going through this process helps us understand exactly what we’re getting into, preventing costly delays down the line.

What to expect from the RoadMapping session:

RoadMapping session usually takes anywhere from two to six hours in a day. It could take up to all day if necessary. We do several discovery exercises to get out all the information we need. We audio record the whole thing, take detailed notes and come up with multiple solutions for the problem together with you. We then decide on the best solution.

At the end of the call we take that information to create the RoadMap. The RoadMap will have our next steps, and can include timelines, milestones, budgets etc. all laid out in an easy step-by-step format. 

When you have the RoadMap completed then you can start implementing it.

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